Spring/Summer 2015 – Vol. 12, no. 1 (purchase)







Olivia Wolfgang-Smith, "Minding the Heavens"

Elvis Bego, "The Mnemosyne"

Terrance Manning, Jr., "Radio Down

Philip Jason, "The Gesture"

Ron A. Austin, "Neck Bones"



Sarah E. Baker, "Every Western is a Ghost Story"

Dawn S. Davies, "Sheep to the Cyclops"

Ander Monson,“Library of Water,” “Dear Defacer,” “What Comes After Dewey"

Kathryn Nuernberger, "Christmas Night"

Emilia Philips, "Remains




Ryan Black, “Compensation" by Ryan Black

Zana Previti, "My Nephew Takes a Bath"

Jessica Goodfellow, "On Hearing of Your Hearing Loss"

Corey Van Landingham, "Pastoral with Predator Drone" and "Love Letter to Who Owns the Heavens"

Brian Cochran, "Some Walls Are Doors For Creatures To Pass Through Between Shores"

Claire Donato "Asylum," Apology," "Dedication"

Megan Peak “Stinger in the Wound” “Teendom” “Before Spring”

Michael Lee "The Blade as Key" and "Secondly. Finally."

Ellen McGrath Smith "Prince Gallitzin and Charles Schwab in Central Pennsylvania," "Ichthus / Monkey Tails," "He Says Marco, We Say Polo"

Jim Whiteside “Saudade”

Elizabeth Barnett “Story” and “Some history”

Estanislao Lopez “Static”

Mary McMyne “Open Letter to the Frog Princess” and “The Sleagh Maith: a Nocturne”


Kathleen McGookey “In My River” and “The Life Below”

Sophie Klahr “Vetiver”

sam sax “Poem about Water”

Paul Carroll, “Narrative”

Geetha Iyer, "My Sister Preps Specimens for the Natural History Museum"

B. J. Best, “*”, “sundial”


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